Privacy Policy

Part 1. Definitions, Purposes and Scope of the Policy


  1. Personal data - within the meaning of the definition contained in Art. 4 RODO 1) GDPR, personal data is information about a natural person identified or identifiable by one or more specific factors that determine physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity, including first and last name, e-mail address.
  2. Policy - this Privacy Policy.
  3. Product - any movable item that is the subject of a sales contract between LC Boxing Ecosystem and the Client.
  4. GDPR - Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EU.
  5. Website - a website operating within the framework of the Company's activities, for example,
  6. Company - LC Boxing Ecosystem.
  7. Transactions - the conclusion of contracts for the sale of Tickets on the Site.
  8. Related Services - services or features provided or provided by the Company or third parties, including services provided on the basis of separate rules, which support the main activities of the Company or facilitate the use of the Company's services.
  9. User - a person who has gained access to the services provided by the Company within the Site, on the terms set forth in the Regulations.


The Company is the administrator of the Personal Data of Individual Users. This means that the Company determines the purposes and methods of processing your Personal Data.

The purpose of the Policy is to define the actions taken by the Company to protect your Personal Data processed through the Site, as well as within related services (including Related Services). The Policy defines, in particular, the scope and legal basis for the processing of your Personal Data that we collect in connection with your use of the Website and Related Services. We collect your Personal Data from you in connection with activities (including ticket purchases) that you perform on the Website. The processing of Personal Data may also be associated with the performance of a number of other activities directly related to the use of the Site and Related Services. Personal data necessary for the execution of the contract related to the purchase of the Ticket may be transferred to the Organizer of the event.

Your use of the Site or related services is possible only after reading the provisions of this Policy and the Regulations for the purchase in the LC Boxing Ecosystem ticketing system (hereinafter: the Regulations).

By clicking on links provided on the Website, you may be redirected to websites or websites that are operated or are services provided by entities independent of the Company. In this case, the processing of Personal Data is carried out in accordance with the rules established by these entities - for example, in the privacy policy applicable to services or applications available on external websites or websites.

All activities of the Company are governed by the provisions of the legislation applicable to the protection of personal data, in particular, the provisions of the GDPR and the Law on the Protection of Personal Data of May 10, 2018. If you have any questions or doubts about the principles and methods of protection of your Personal Data by the Company, please contact the Company. Our contact details can be found in Part IX of the Policy.

Part 2. Scope of personal data processed by the Company

The amount of Personal Data processed by the Company may vary depending on which services or features provided by the Company you use.

When ordering a ticket, we require you to provide the following Personal Data:

- First name, last name, email address

We may process your Personal Data in connection with our right to make claims or defend ourselves against claims. For this purpose, the Company processes your Personal Data for no longer than for the entire period during which the claims arising from the contract concluded by you with the Company or related to your use of the services provided by the Company, Services or Related Services have not expired. in accordance with applicable law. This may be, for example, the amount owed, information relating to a particular order, Transaction data, or information obtained in connection with your contact with the Company's hotline. The amount of Personal Data we process may vary from time to time depending on the subject matter of the claim.

Part 3. Purposes, grounds and terms of processing of Personal data by the Company

Depending on which services provided by the Company you use, the purposes and legal grounds for the processing of Personal Data by the Company, as well as the period during which the Company may store or use your Personal Data.

For each of the purposes of processing, we have determined the legal basis and maximum retention period for Personal Data. After the specified period, we will not use the Personal Data for the specified purpose. However, this does not mean that we will remove them in every case. We will retain your Personal Data for the longest of the specified periods relating to specific Company services.


In connection with its activities, the Company allows you to use the Related Services provided by the Company or third parties. Related services may be provided on the terms set forth in the Regulations (including annexes to the Regulations) or separate regulations of such services or functions.

The Company may also be involved in the provision of Related Services by third parties, for example:

  • providing you with information about third party services and offerings;
  • by brokering your agreements for the provision of Related Third Party Services, including through the provision of services related to, for example, financing and facilitating transactions;
  • In the case described above, the Company may act as a processor of Personal Data at the request of the administrator who provides services to you.

If you use Related Services provided by third parties independent of the Company, the rules for the processing of your Personal Data may be included in documents provided by these parties as part of external websites, for example, in the rules of such a service or in a privacy policy.


The Company may also use your Personal Data for marketing activities, including situations where you provide your Personal Data or consent to its processing and the Company provides you with content or services in return. Such actions may include:

  • display on the Site of marketing content that is not adapted to your preferences (contextual advertising). In the case of using Personal Data to display contextual advertising, their processing takes place in connection with the realisation of the legitimate interest of the administrator or a third party, which is to promote the Company's own business or the activities of third parties;
  • displaying marketing content tailored to your preferences, including customising the category of offers or individual offers in the Website settings or settings of third party services based on your activity on the Website (behavioural advertising). Your Personal Data, including Personal Data collected through cookies and other similar technologies, is then processed by the Company and external organisations for marketing purposes. Such action is taken only when you have given your consent, which you can withdraw at any time.
  • implementation of other activities related to direct marketing of goods or services (distribution of commercial information by electronic means or other marketing activities) through various electronic communication channels, including via e-mail.


Your Personal Data may be processed by the Company for analytical and statistical purposes. In this case, we use your Personal Data to analyse activity, determine consumer preferences and improve the functionality and quality of the Company's services. The Company's ability to process information collected through cookies and similar technologies for analytical and statistical purposes depends on the User's consent to store such information on the User's end device.

Through surveys sent to Users by e-mail or posted directly on the Website, the Company collects Users' Personal Data, which can be used to study Users' preferences and adapt the Company's offer to their expectations. Such Personal Data is also used for statistical analysis.


If it is necessary to ensure the security of services, including IT resources or the security of other Users, the Company has the right to automatically receive and record your Personal Data transmitted to the server by web browsers or your device when using the Site.

In order to prevent abuse, fraud, actions that violate integrity, the Regulations, applicable law (including national or international restrictive measures) or adversely affect the security of the Boxing Ecosystem and harm other Users, we automatically process Personal Data about your activity on the website , links to other accounts, and the features and tools you use. To prevent the above situations, we will make decisions on a case-by-case basis based on automated data processing, including profiling.

Part 4. Recipients of personal data

The Company may share your Personal Data with the following third parties:

legal entities cooperating with the Company, operating websites or providing Internet applications to publish the execution of user transactions,

legal entities cooperating with the Company, offering their services as part of the Related Services.

The Company may cooperate with third parties, for example, specialised providers of services for the storage of Personal Data, analytical services. In this case, these persons are not authorised to use your Personal Data for their own purposes (Personal Data will always be processed on behalf of and for the needs of the Company), and their activities are governed by applicable law and this Privacy Policy;

The Company may also disclose your Personal Data to others when it is necessary for the conclusion of a contract (including event organisers) or the performance of a contract they have concluded to which you are a party or to support / optimise the process of fulfilling orders placed on the website, which includes in particular:

  • acceptance of an order for execution,
  • payment for services

In the cases described above, the persons to whom your Personal Data will be available may become separate administrators of your Personal Data.

We provide your Personal Data to organisers (in the case of personal tickets) and persons who support us in the provision of electronic services, i.e. those who provide payment services, provide consulting or auditing services, and cooperate in marketing campaigns.

The Company may disclose your Personal Data to government authorities based on legal provisions in connection with ongoing proceedings regarding possible violations of the law or the fight against other possible violations of the Rules.

As part of the adopted Policy, the Company undertakes not to sell Users' Personal Data. In the event of a restructuring or sale of a business or part of it and the transfer of all or a significant part of the property to a new owner, Users' Personal Data, including yours, may be transferred to the new owner in order to ensure the continued provision of services within the Website or Related Services.

The Company may share de-identified Personal Data (i.e., those that do not identify specific Users) with external service providers, trusted partners or research agencies in order to better recognize the attractiveness of advertising and services to Users, improve the overall quality and effectiveness of the services provided. by the Company or a listed person, or participation in scientific research for a broadly understood societal benefit.

Part 5. Change of provisions

If necessary, the Company may change the provisions of this Privacy Policy. In such a case, the provisions for amending the Regulations shall apply accordingly.