Service Regulation


These Rules apply to the sale of USYK vs DUBOIS: Unified Heavyweight Championship of the World boxing evening tickets on, provided that the rules of the organisers (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer Rules”) or direct sellers (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizers”) may impose on buyers additional obligations not specified in these Rules.

The sale of tickets on the website is carried out by: Boxing Ecosystem LTD (hereinafter: “Boxing Ecosystem” or “Company”).

Registered office: Intershore Chambers, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Company number: 2120883

Email address:

This event is organised by K2 Promotions/Usyk 17 Promotions


The Tickets are on sale at

When ordering Tickets and making payment for them, the Client is obliged to exercise due diligence. Entering incorrect data, such as payment amount, e-mail address or payer data that prevents the identification of the Client, may lead to a refusal to process a payment and annul the transaction.

When purchasing tickets by the Customer, Boxing Ecosystem acts as an intermediary between the Event Organizer and the Customer. Boxing Ecosystem is responsible for providing an entry ticket to the event. The organiser is obliged to provide the ticket holder with the opportunity to participate in the event.

2.1. Buying tickets on

After selecting the category and type of tickets and selecting the seats on the stadium plan where the selected event takes place, fill out the form with personal data and select the method of payment for tickets.

If you choose to pay with cryptocurrency, then the Client, by clicking the "Confirm and pay" field, expresses a desire to be bound by a distance contract and books a ticket to the event. Pressing the "Confirm and pay" button means an order with an obligation to pay and is a confirmation of the purchase on the

If you have any doubts about the correctness of the booking process, please contact the service department by e-mail

It is forbidden to use bots or other automated means that allow you to buy tickets without the participation of the Client. We reserve the right to cancel tickets purchased using unauthorised tools.

2.2. Group orders

Group bookings (including ticket bookings for groups of more than 5 people) are processed by customer service. To place a group order, please contact us at


3.1. Basic Rules

The ticket is a document giving the right to participate in the event for which it was issued. Buying a ticket means acceptance of the Rules for participation in the event. One ticket entitles one person to enter.

The ticket is subject to verification at the entrance to the event - it is not possible to reuse the ticket. The ticket cannot be photocopied, scanned or copied in any other way - if such behaviour is detected, the ticket loses its validity.

The customer must keep the tickets in a safe place. Boxing Ecosystem is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.

The customer has the right to check the compliance of the ticket with the content of the order placed by him. If the content of the ticket does not match the order, the Client is obliged to immediately report this fact to the Boxing Ecosystem support service, as errors in the content of the tickets may lead to refusal to participate in the event.

Destruction of the ticket may result in the inability to verify the code and, as a result, to the denial of admission to the event.

The ticket gives the right to participate in the event at the place indicated in its content. Boxing Ecosystem and the Organizer, in justified cases, in particular for technical or operational reasons, have the right to replace the originally ordered seats with others both before and during the event.

Decisions to cancel the event, refund for the cancellation of the event, replace the ticket, refuse admission to the event, order to leave the event, change the program of the event, the place of the ticket holder are made by the Organiser on the terms set forth in the rules of the event.

3.2. Prices and price categories

Tickets in various price categories are available in the Boxing Ecosystem sales system. The organiser decides on the cost of tickets for the event. Boxing Ecosystem acts only as an intermediary in their sale. The organiser decides on the belonging of specific places to a particular price category.

The arena plan map posted on the website is for illustrative purposes only. Detailed information about the conditions, including visibility from certain places in the arena, is provided by the Organizer, and in case of doubt, the Customer must request information on this from the Organizer. Boxing Ecosystem does not have any information in this regard and therefore is not responsible for any inconvenience to the Client related to specific place chosen by the Client.

When selling tickets through the Boxing Ecosystem, the pool of tickets may be increased (additional tickets may be added for sale) or reduced. Therefore, Customers are advised to familiarise themselves with the current offer of the Boxing Ecosystem.

Ticket prices may change during the sale. Thus, in the event of cancellation of a ticket reservation made through the Boxing Ecosystem sales system, for example, in connection with the Customer paying for tickets after the due date, Boxing Ecosystem shall not be liable to the Customer for the inability to purchase tickets at the price originally chosen by the Customer (in particular, if the price in the meantime increases in tickets for this event or only more expensive tickets remain in the Boxing Ecosystem offer).

Additional fees may be added to the price of tickets (in particular, a service fee expressed as a percentage of the total cost of the ticket for the event, or fees imposed by the Organizer of the event). The client will be informed of the amount of additional fees and the total cost of the purchase before allowing him to purchase a ticket to the event.


4.1 General rules

For tickets sold on the site, a delivery option is available by sending an e-ticket to the client at the email address provided by the client.

4.2. Home ticket

In the case of a booking with the “home ticket” option, after paying for the booking, the Client receives the ticket in electronic form, which allows the person making the booking to print it himself. One home ticket entitles one person to participate in the respective event. Boxing Ecosystem shall not be liable for the consequences of an unauthorised duplication of a home ticket by the Booker, or by third parties to whom the Booker provided details of the received Home Ticket (including a printout or an electronic copy). Boxing Ecosystem is not responsible for the consequences of providing an incorrect email address by the Customer during the booking process, to which the “home ticket” is sent.


5.1. Basic Rules

Payment for tickets when buying on the website is possible using cryptocurrency. The use of this payment method will require the conclusion of a separate agreement with the provider of this payment service.

5.2 Cryptocurrency payment

In the case of paying with cryptocurrency, after confirming the booking made through the website (by clicking on the field: "Confirm and pay"), the Client is redirected to the website, where he pays for tickets using USDT (shall mean USD Tether, a digital cryptographic token issued by Tether Limited, Tether International Limited or their affiliate). Once Boxing Ecosystem receives payment information from the Customer, a confirmation is sent to the email address provided by the Customer during the booking process. The client receives a ticket booking confirmation and an e-ticket sent by e-mail as a link or attachment.

The payment due hereunder shall be considered to have been made when the relevant transaction was processed by the respective blockchain network.


Upon receipt of full payment for the tickets purchased by the Company, a receipt (payment confirmation) will be provided to the Client on the E-Gates website.


The organiser and the owner or manager of the facility where the event is held have the right to refuse entry if customers violate any of the terms and conditions of the event or the conditions set by them. The organiser, owner or manager of the venue where the event is being held may conduct security checks from time to time to ensure the safety of customers.

Unauthorised use of photographic or recording equipment is prohibited. Laser pens, mobile phones, dogs (except for guide dogs for persons with disabilities) and customers' own food and drink may also be prohibited (please check the rules of the facility and the rules of the organiser).

Before purchasing Tickets, the Client is obliged to familiarise himself with these Rules and detailed information about a particular event. During some events, special effects such as sound, audiovisual, lighting and pyrotechnics may be used, which may be a contraindication for some people for health reasons.


8.1. Return

If the Organiser's Regulations for that event provide for the return of tickets, and to the extent that such a return is provided, the following rules apply to Boxing Ecosystem's participation in the return procedure.

In the event of a return of the Ticket, Boxing Ecosystem undertakes to reimburse the Customer for the cost of the Ticket in the event and within the amounts received for this purpose by Boxing Ecosystem from the Organizer.

If Boxing Ecosystem receives reliable information from the Organizer about the cancellation or change of the event date or time, Boxing Ecosystem will take the necessary steps to provide Customers with relevant information as soon as possible.

In case of return of tickets for the reasons provided for in clauses 8.2.1 and 8.2.2, the Company may require the Client to provide additional personal data necessary to identify the client, for example, Last Name, First Name, email address, photo of an identity document, data on the amount of payment, transaction hash, etc.

8.2.1. Refund in case of cancellation of the event

In case of payment in cryptocurrency, the paid amount is returned to the Client's electronic wallet, from which the payment was made in the corresponding blockchain network.

Refunds for purchased tickets are made within 14 days of the cancellation of the event.


Complaints related to the purchase of a ticket in the Boxing Ecosystem ticketing system can be submitted to the support team at the email address

Boxing Ecosystem is not the Organizer of the events for which it sells tickets, therefore the provisions of paragraph 9 of these Rules apply to complaints related to the return and booking of tickets.


Boxing Ecosystem is responsible for tickets purchased from only. Tickets purchased from other parties, purchased at unofficial points of sale or through third parties not authorised to sell and distribute tickets may not be valid.

The Organizer is responsible for the event organised by him, including its holding and course, as well as for allowing the Customer to participate in the event.


Ticket transactions and all activities referred to in these rules are subject to the provisions of the laws of the BVI.


The website and Boxing Ecosystem LTD process personal data provided by Clients in the places provided for this in accordance with applicable law and in accordance with the privacy policy contained in Annex 2 to the Regulations.

The personal data of the Clients are disclosed to the Organizers only in cases provided for by the Regulations, for the purposes related to the execution of Transactions and the Organization of the event. In other cases, with the prior consent of the data subject.

It is forbidden to use the information specified in this paragraph for commercial purposes, which consists in advertising in any form of the Client's activity carried out outside the website.